10 Points to consider before appointing an interior designer for your home

  1. The most important thing when selecting between 2, 3 or more interior designers is to ensure that they all are of the same caliber.
  2. The credentials of the interior designers are to be verified. This helps in comparing and selecting the right interior designer. Few important aspects to be verified are the following:
    -Number of years of experience of the company
    -Team strength and the experience of the team members should be checked.
  3. Visiting the interior designers office goes a long way in understanding the way of working and verifying the strength of the designer first hand.
  4. The principles and ethics of the company should be verified
  5. When comparing the costs of various designers it should be on an apple to apple basis. Only when you compare in this manner you can be sure of getting the best prices.
    Things to ensure while comparing quotes:
    A. The specifications of all items mentioned in the quotes are same among all designers
    B. The makes of materials are same
    C. The basic costs of materials are at par.
    D. The quantities of the items are same.
  6. Very often some vendor might have missed out on many items and his cost might look competitive but in reality his cost might be the highest.
  7. The costs of interior fit-outs vary greatly with the selection of materials hence you should have confidence on your designer that he is selecting the right materials for your home and the costs for the same are reasonable.
  8. You should ask your designer to provide a list of makes showing the brands to be used for each material to be used in the project.
  9. Another very important aspect is service after the project is complete. Client testimonials from your interior designers past clients play an important role here.
  10. Before awarding the contract to your interior designer you should visit a couple of projects done by them and speak directly to the home owner about their experience with the designer. This will be the most important credential to be verified.