Designers Pick



We at Urbane Storey have recently given the entire interior designing and architecture a good deal of thought. While we are always available for your residential remodelling needs, we wondered if it wouldn’t be prudent to set up some sort of a go-to list, a design manual or simply reference page for our clients old and new. We understand that you can’t go through the entire charade of redoing your home every now and then, just cause of a new trend or style.And so we welcome you to our blog. This space here aims at giving our readers an insight into simple yet chic interior designs, easy makeover ideas, our residential favourite projects, collection of international décor marvels and so on.

Your home speaks of your personality and plays a role in influencing your mood.designers-pick1 Don’t believe us? Do you love spending time at home? And having friends over all the time? Or are you almost bored of the “Plain Jane” décor. Fret not!!! We believe it’s really quite simple to spice things up. A little reupholstering, use of bright coloured fabrics, lots of natural light and of course a few statement pieces. Overwhelmed? Let’s take it one step at a time.
Be it cafes, restaurants, boutiques or festivals, these days rustic and quirky theme is trending. To incorporate it into your home you can start with transforming that blank stretch of wall that’s just screaming to be redone!
Scavenge for some old posters, your favourite quotes, Polaroid’s, or b&w pictures and put them into bold, mismatched or funky looking frames. Just remember to follow a pattern while putting them up on the wall, just so that you are able to tie them all together. Voila! Your wall is reborn, adding some much needed character to your room.
Take a look at some of our favourite transformations. If you need a designer’s opinion, write to us in the comments below. Enjoy the makeover season! Until next time, Urbane Storey, signing off.