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Bathrooms right?! For your morning bathroom singing sessions to your after-work hot showers……today we will tell you how you can make all your time in your bathroom fantastic!!

Let’s do things in a bit different way today. Let us first see what fixtures are available to us & how to use them & then later I’l take you on a tour to some fabulous ideas you could too adapt in your house!

Shower heads, W.C’s, wash basins, storage & what else?! Let us check out some products available in the market…

clip_image002[6] << JAGUAR – BODY SHOWER RANGE

Starting with showers heads, you have a wide range of options – rain showers, body showers, air shower etc…. in simpler terms these are termed according to their position & water dispensing capacities; like showers dispensing water from a broader & wider shower head on the top would be called a “Rain shower”.

JAGUAR – SHOWER CABINETS>>clip_image004[6]clip_image006[6]

clip_image008[6]<<GROHE – HAND SHOWER DESIGNS



Choosing your right type of shower depends on your space…..& more importantly your type of usage.

Cubicles & fancy head showers apparatus may suit when you have a larger space allocated for just bath.

Imagine having a rain shower in your small 1.2 x 2.1 m standard bathrooms?!

You’ll end up wetting all walls & ceiling!!

If you wish to have a spacious bathroom in your apartment then redesign your space. Choose to have it relocated in an area where there is higher headroom! Although do make sure you get this designed by an expert for there are certain technical aspects of drainage that might have to handled.



Bathtubs are the luxury of the spacious & big washrooms…..is it just a bungalow thing?! Could you have it in your apartment?!

Everything is possible…..all you need are experts!! You can too manage to get a mini one done if you get it custom made for your place!

DURAVIT – SAUNA RANGE>>clip_image016[6]


clip_image018[6]<<DURAVIT – SPA RANGE


These days you get ready made sauna cabinets & spas. Try to locate them in the perfect locations keeping in mind the users & the space.

Now that we know what products are available let’s check out some dream bathroom concepts to rejoice!!



Depending on your space availability you can always design to have an open bathroom or a tiny one.

Segregation of spaces becomes a main factor in there, where the shower- maybe a cubicle of just a tile drop space available.

clip_image022[6]                                                                                             clip_image024[6]

You can choose to have a natural shower space with a little greens view.

Cubicles can include your shower & tub & top it up with a skylight if possible.

It is all about how efficiently you put to use every inch of space available whether big or small.

First of,

Jot down your requirements & approximately look for products that fit your space & taste.

Try combinations to work out your space & fit all your requirements.

clip_image026[6]In most apartment spaces you have the already segregated spaces as wet area & dry area.

The one thing you could to maximise your space inside would be shift the basin outside.


Rustic theme is trending when it comes to bathtub spaces. Since bathtubs can be placed anywhere without specific requirements; they are placed in the most beloved locations in the house, by the window or in the balcony.





Banish the doors, add a little greens, enjoy the tub with a little sunshine!!


So I guess we have we have said enough on how you construct your dream bathrooms…..hope you have fun in the process!!


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