GREENS WITHIN CONCRETE…-Balconies, terraces & mini-garden IDEAS!!



        -Balconies, terraces & mini-garden IDEAS!! 

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In the hustle and bustle of the city, most of us crave to be in the peace and quiet of nature. Well we definitely can’t move to a forest, but why not create a similar calming green space at home?


Having to tend to your green guests inside your home, along with your daily routine is not as easy as some make it look. In cities gardening is more of a demanding commitment than an act of pleasure. 

But with a little bit of effort and of course some of our help; we can achieve that picture perfect zen space

There are plenty of options for you to choose from to create a garden space a.k.a relaxation area…

Depending on the availability of space, time and climatic challenges you may pick the kind of foliage you want to nurture in your green space.
If you’re not much of a green thumb, steer clear of pristine flowering plants as they can prove to be quite fussy. Pick out from a range creepers, basic foliage with variation in the colour of their leaves, annual blooms, etc.


You can quirk things up by potting them in colorful planters, using recycled household items as pots. Place the prettier arrangement at eye level to give it a neater look. You could match your outdoor furniture with your greens to give the area a flow. A cozy couch or a low seat with mismatched cushions are ideal to enjoy a hot cuppa and a gentle breeze.

 Want to give your terrace or balcony a more radical make over? Change the flooring. A deck can be put in, also consider using random tiles of Mediterranean influence.

·Garden/ green space

If you love gardening but don’t have a full fledged back yard for it. Fret not! A semi-outdoor space, like an extended window ledge, your kitchen and bathroom windowsill, passage leading to your home, or even a small coffee table can be used to add some much needed green into you house or work space.


· Mini-greens

Been longing for a kitchen garden ever since your favorite cookery show featured it?? Well it’s doable. A Vertical garden is the perfect solution if you have a space crunch or simply wish to house your kitchen herbs in the interiors of your home.

Beautiful, isn’t it?!


Try to keep the greens limited so that they don’t overpower your decor. Also if you’re new at this, make sure you take baby steps else soon you’ll have to give up your job and become a full time Gardner. Look up some easy web-tutorials to know how to care for your new housemates.

If you plan to decorate your work area, make sure it does not create a hindrance.

Try incorporating a few colours by picking easy to maintain hybrid plants most suitable to the weather in your city.
Once you get a hang of it, you can experiment with more perennial plants, flowering plants, etc. And become a complete green thumb!!
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