In today’s times, changing trends and fancies are changing the very basics of both architecture and interiors.These changing ideologies are giving us the opportunity to experiment design and you get a chance to explore clip_image002this wild and crazy fantasy world.


Owing to the latest trends,Cosy, chic and contemporary – rustic wood interiors are back!!Fascinating, ain’t it?So let us help you with some redecoration!!

Ever fantasised going tclip_image010o such place?

Who wouldn’t love to have a cup of coffee there!! All shades and tones of timber have their own radiance and effect on the interiors.However just the timber-shades might get a little monochromatic sometimes and may dull down the mood.

Adding a dash of some bright colours instantly uplifts the mood and redefines the space.While wood gives a rustic and cosy touch colours may add life to the forest.You could adopt a total brown genre for the décor and still pull it off effortlessly.It is old school and will make you travel back in time and space.

Certain colours like red and green have a strong impact on the atmosphere of the place and the mind of the perceiver.These colours pop out of the blue and break the monotony.clip_image012


Brown being a strong, dark shade is paired up well with lighter backgrounds. Also these lighter shades help highlight the furniture and the rustic details.

If you are looking clip_image014for a formal theme yet a casual atmosphere this décor is for you; for, it provides the richness of the wood and the leather tones and you can mould these into funky interesting pieces of furniture.

Notice how the worn off plank effect is doing wonders for the wall?! Such sublime backgrounds are complemented by having extremely bright coloured furniture pieces.

Even just a single piece of the rustic element can completely change the scenario. Just one wall is defining the space differently.

Rustic décor has its own kind of furniture which is unique and space specific. With the right combination of colours and elements you can create a dreamland!!

                                       At clip_image020times mixing rustic furniture and sober, light colours creates a comfortable yet perky style statement.You could go on lines of “boho-fashion” for colours to pair up. Not only work out walls and furniture, but old-time elements, tin cases, the hunter house antlers and leather gives a posh yet trend setting effect.

Graffiti with timber can create beautiful and interesting off-beat interiors.The grains of the wood are so beautifully highlighted in the sober shades of the grain. These add up to visual treat


Rustic theme can do wonders in any given place. It can make your ordinary study table look like a chemistry lab!!

For all those who feel warm in the browns and old; this is it for you!!

Bricks used as element for walls escalate the “bare skin effect” and and adds a character of transparency of the material used. Logs and jute combine to give a sunny yet countryside look to your outdoor furniture.

Weathered rustic look is the “it” thing these days. The style offers a “touch-feel and sense the real material” experience to the audience which today’s people love- the transparency!!

However this trend is slowly picking up and getting hug welcomes from all around the globe, it is yet to implemented on a large scale.

Have fun customising your space!!



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