Spring is Here




There’s a reason why they say sense of colour is really important. We’ve seen people spend enormous amounts of money on remodelling their homes, but the overall effect is just appalling. Whether you’re a compulsive shopper or not, before deciding to buy that gorgeous rug, pause… And think of how it would go with your existing furniture! After all it should look tasteful!

Want us to make this easy? First things first; abandon all ideas of painting your walls to mirror a shade card and stick to neutrals! That doesn’t mean you have to only do whites! God knows we could use some change once in a while. Having said that, don’t stray too far away from the mellow pastels. When you have neutral toned walls it’s much easier to pick upholstery, furniture and ornaments for that room. If the old curtain doesn’t really match with the new rug, simply pack it away and change the curtains (more economical than repainting the walls in any case!)


Since the advent of spring you’ll see a lot of floral prints doing the rounds at your favourite interior design stores. If you’re much of a green thumb pick a few beautiful vases to adorn your coffee table. If you like the idea but can’t be bothered with gardening, buy yourself the artificial potted plants and add some visual freshness to your room.


Beat the heat by using lighter drapes, linens and bed covers.To ensure that your room doesn’t look too dull add a splash of colour by using bright throws, cushions and wall adornments. For a little change of scene in the usually neglected kitchen, use bright table runners and placemats and bring out the lively looking crockery. If you’re even slightly overwhelmed, don’t you worry, just give us a call at Urbane Story, we’ll take it from there!