@FOOD……. Isn’t kitchen the favourite place to all devourers!! What fun would it be if it was easy to use for everyone?!

Ever thought about it? Sometimes our kitchens become messy because we don’t anticipate & plan it…..

Here at URBANE STOREY, we believe in making spaces that everyone can use with ease!

So we thought why not take up the most dreaded part of the house & help you make it a place you would often want to go to!! [of course other than just the fridge].


Things to remember:-

clip_image001 Define your requirements in the kitchen. Oven, sink, stove? Decide where to place them.

clip_image001[1] Decide whether to bring in your dining into your kitchen space.

clip_image001[2] Open kitchen without walls or a conventional room kitchen?

clip_image001[3]  Design your cabinets keeping in mind the amount of storage required.

clip_image001[4] Plan your ancillary spaces like fridge properly as per sequence of usage.

After you plan your space comes the dessert part……the interiors! <3clip_image005

So let us see how & what all you could do with your kitchen!!

This piece is from @Urban_ladder & is a one wall open kitchen with an island counter. For those who love the idea of open kitchens, this is one is for you!  It cuts out on the space that a room would conventionally occupy & it gives you a transparent blend-in area.   


clip_image009 ‘Horse-shoe kitchen’ as it called……this one goes with a round-about counter with everything put into one place itself. clip_image011

If you have a cramped space, you could accommodate a lot of storage in such a counter.

Such ‘L-shaped kitchens’ are mostly what you see these days….additional side counters for ovens & stoves can be provided too….it provides a larger working space & LESSER_MESS#


#American_style kitchens have island counters in the middle of their space… these though mostly utilised for ‘MINI-DINERS’ can also be used for stove or sink counters.

Almost all of these designs would fit into any space in varying scale & you can use colours & finishes that please your eye!




                         So what are you waiting for??

                                                             Select a style & go ahead!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Have fun!!


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