Hey guys!! Looking for something we missed?? Bathrooms right?! For your morning bathroom singing sessions to your after-work hot showers……today we will tell you how you can make all your time in your bathroom fantastic!! Let’s do things in a bit different way today. Let us first see what fixtures are available to us &[…]


Kitchen_tales# @FOOD……. Isn’t kitchen the favourite place to all devourers!! What fun would it be if it was easy to use for everyone?! Ever thought about it? Sometimes our kitchens become messy because we don’t anticipate & plan it….. Here at URBANE STOREY, we believe in making spaces that everyone can use with ease! So[…]

Spring is Here

  There’s a reason why they say sense of colour is really important. We’ve seen people spend enormous amounts of money on remodelling their homes, but the overall effect is just appalling. Whether you’re a compulsive shopper or not, before deciding to buy that gorgeous rug, pause… And think of how it would go with[…]

Designers Pick

  We at Urbane Storey have recently given the entire interior designing and architecture a good deal of thought. While we are always available for your residential remodelling needs, we wondered if it wouldn’t be prudent to set up some sort of a go-to list, a design manual or simply reference page for our clients[…]